Why Choose Us

Psytech Ltd deliver state of the art technology with modern designs for psychometric measures and assessment systems. By working with our clients using an iterative approach we ensure what we are building is what our clients want.

Meet, Design and Agree

We value face to face meetings, so that we can get to know our clients. Find out how they work, what systems they already have that work well and those that don't. Discuss what they need and together agree on a design.

Build, Test and Share

Once a full understanding of the client's requirements is understood the build begins. We offer a development phase that is both adaptable and flexible and software engineering methods that are aimed at the client rather than the tools available.

Analyse, Evaluate and Refine

With many software projects once the build starts the clients requirements change. The scenario is often, "I didn't know you could do that !" or "Do you think it could do this ?" Throughout the development process we keep the client informed and provide prototypes, enabling them to visualize their ideal solution.

Deliver, Support & Improve

When the project is delivered we always keep intouch with our clients, some of who we have known since day one back in 1989. One in particular started with a networked system of a supervisor and twenty test stations, then decided a mobile system on laptops would suit them better. The same client now has an online system as well.


Whether its Online, Mobile, Desktop or Networked, one of our frameworks, TEKS™ TEKS-TS™ or WebTEKS™ will be at the core of the development. Providing an administration system which is tailormade to meet the clients' requirements.


In the everchanging world of technology, our development work continues to enable all our products to work with the very latest operating systems and mainstream browsers.