Who We Are

Psytech Ltd provides Software Engineering and Consultancy Services for the design and implementation of personnel assessment systems.

The founding directors of Psytech Ltd are Alan Kitching and Colin Valsler. Before forming Psytech Ltd in 1989, they both served in the engineering branch of the Royal Air Force, developing the RAF pilot and aircrew computer based selection system. Psytech Ltd was therefore born out of the close collaboration between psychologists and software engineers on the development of software for this psychometric capability testing, using early micro computers and PCs.

30 years on we are proud of our proven track record for delivering to this marketplace a wide variety of desktop, intranet and internet solutions, hosted on our proprietary TEKS test administration platform.

We have built upon the skills and expertise of the founders and now have a small group of Specialist Software Engineers, based in Biggin Hill but supporting clients worldwide. Producing commercially viable and robust applications, Psytech Ltd has unparalleled expertise in the development of computerised work simulation tests. We specialise in the implementation of psychometric/psychomotor skills testing and personnel selection whilst adhering to traditional engineering principles of well-tuned technology and fine design. Our broad experience in these fields enables us to offer a wide range of technical and computing services to occupational psychologists, personnel managers and recruitment consultants.

Our close relationship with the RAF, formed in those early days, still prevails today and Psytech Ltd is the sole licence provider for the Royal Air Force Pilot Aptitude Testing System. We also collaborate with other aviation psychologist to develop a wide range of aptitude assessments for aspiring pilots and air traffic controllers. These testing systems are used by military air forces, commercial airlines and flying schools all over the world. Usually offered as desktop and networked solutions, more recently these have been on mobile and web platforms to alleviate the additional costs of transporting candidates to a Testing Centre.

Online HR applications need to be innovative and they need to be responsive, Psytech Ltd has 30 years of experience in implementing successful web applications and web services on behalf of HR departments and consultant psychologists. The field is dynamic, embracing online suites for interview design, personal and career development, talent management, succession planning and all forms of personnel appraisal. Psytech continuously evaluates and adopts new advances in computer software technology as we seek to enhance and expand the products and the skills we can offer. Again working with the Psychologists and companies that have the reputation for expertise in this field we ensure that expert content and scoring algorithms are implemented and all key psychological principles are adhered to and best practices are applied throughout.

We are therefore a small close knit company based in Biggin Hill Kent offering state of the art technology with modern designs for psychometric measures and assessment system.